Gwala allows employees to get paid whenever they want,
without having to wait until payday!

Improve the financial stability of your employees:

Gwala enables ...


Early Salary Access

Allows employees to access their earned wages instantly before the regular payday.

Worker Retention

The management of advance payment requests is automated. Forget the time-consuming administrative procedures!

Increased Productivity

Free the minds of your employees and promote their concentration by strengthening their financial security.


Don't take our word for it

When I broke my phone in the middle of the month, I thought I would have to spend the rest of the month without a phone. Thanks to Gwala, I was able to get paid early and not be stuck disconnected.

Zakaria El.
Marketing Manager

Because I have a big family, i am always worried about unexpected expenses, especially relating to school or house necessities. Thanks to Gwala, I now feel comfortable that I don't have to worry about taking a loan if something happens.

Nissrine A.

We always wanted to say yes when our employees come to us asking for advances, but our these requests were hard to track and messed up accounting. Gwala enabled us to digitalize everything, remove any friction or approvals, and take care of our staff.

Ahmed Y.
HR Manager

How it works?


A Simple Solution Suitable For All Businesses

An intuitive Gwala cloud platform for HR teams

A smooth and fast onboarding process.
No changes to your organization or systems.
Track requests and control everything from your HR portal.

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Gwala is a suite of financial tools that aims to improve the financial health and wellbeing of employees in Africa. We provide employees with financial products to enable them to make better decisions, reduce financial distress, and stay on track with their finances. Currently, Gwala allows you to access your salary whenever you want, and will launch more products this year.

Employees in Africa often suffer from financial stress, which impacts their productivity and retention in the workplace. Employers sign up to Gwala because they care about their employees' financial health. With Gwala, employers ensure that their employees can enjoy access to their salary whenever they want, and not having to worry about any surprises, urgent payments, or inconveniences of borrowing.
The employer shares with us the NET base salary for each employee. We divide it by the number of workdays in the month, this gives us the daily earnings of the employee. After each working day, 50% of the daily earnings is added to the employee’s Gwala account. Each employee can withdraw part or all of their Gwala balance whenever they desire.

For example, if an employee makes 7,500 DHS net per month, and there are 22 workdays a month. Their daily earnings are 340 DHS. So, each workday, their Gwala balance will increase by 170 DHS. After two weeks of work, the employee can access 1700 DHS using Gwala.

Gwala integrates with employers. When an employee uses Gwala to access their salary early, their employer will send them the rest of their salary at the end of the month.
  • A financial safety net to help with unexpected expenses, urgent bills, or make ends meet.
  • Avoid debt traps or and unnecessary borrowing
  • No paperwork, no awkward conversations, just a few clicks and your money is yours
  • Learn personal finance to build good spending and saving habits
  • Boost the productivity and motivation of your employees by helping them access financial wellness products to save, budget, and access liquidity for cheap.
  • We support your cashflow and make your accounting easy by using our own funds to give salary advances to employees, you reimburse us at the end of the month.
  • In a survey by Visa, 79% of employees would choose to work for a company that offers flexible salary access. Gwala allows you to create a caring, productive workplace while becoming an attractive company for top talent.
For employers, Gwala’s software platform is Free by default.

For employees, in order to access your salary early, there is a very small service fee that is deducted from your monthly salary. You pay nothing upfront.

Employers can choose to subsidize this small cost for their employees, thus giving early salary access to employees for free or splitting the cost 50/50.
The process is simple. We sign an agreement, you provide us with some information about your company and your employees, and then we add them to the platform. HR and top management can choose to access a personalized dashboard to see the advances, approve requests, and monitor activity. We set up and customize everything to your needs.
When your company signs up with Gwala, you will receive an email, SMS, and WhatsApp with instructions about your account. To access your Gwala account, you can use our mobile app or

If your company does not offer Gwala as a benefit, you can contact us via WhatsApp and our team will work to bring it to you and your co-workers.
You can access your salary using Gwala many times each month on any day between the 3rd and the 25th.
Salary received on payday = Net salary - amount accessed via Gwala - fees.

If you earn 8,000 DHS per month, and you use Gwala to access 1,500 DHS per month, and the fees are 25 DHS, your employer will send you 8,000 - 1,500 - 25 = 6,475 DHS

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